Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Red Lentil & Vegetable Soup

We tried this recipe for Red Lentils & Vegetable Stew from Good Housekeeping magazine a few nights ago. It was fast and easy and met approval from 4/4 family members. The true test of any recipe is how fast or slow the leftovers disappear. These leftovers were gone by lunch the next day.

I found red lentils in the bulk foods department of the regular grocery store. I recommend serving a multi-grain or whole wheat roll on the side.

Let's Get Cooking!

This blog is all about what we're eating for dinner at our house. I will blog about great products I find at the store, new recipes that I've tried, my favorite recipes and anything else dinner time related that seems worth sharing all with a focus on items particularly delicious and healthy. The fact that you're checking out this blog probably means you don't need to hear my lecture on the power of home cooking so just nod your head in agreement as I tell you that home cooking is a powerful and influential tool wielded by home cooks everywhere. Home cooking feeds both the body and spirit. It binds people together. Done right it can also contribute to better health. Let's get cooking!