Saturday, March 8, 2008

Quick Beef & Broccoli

Wow, chinese food at home in about the same amount of time as it would take to order and go and get it. This is a delicious, super-fast and easy recipe for Quick Beef and Broccoli. The recipe calls for a bag of frozen broccoli - do your taste buds a favor and just steam some fresh broccoli - the difference in taste and texture is well worth the extra three minutes. Get that going while you slice the beef. I like the new cut that available now "Flat Iron Steak" for this dish. It is as tender as a Filet Mignon at a fraction of the cost. When you toss it with the cornstarch it's not going to look like it does when you've dredged it in flour since you're only using 1 1/2 T of flour, but just go with it. You don't want to add more cornstarch. Also, when you add the soy sauce and water to the pan, be sure to scrape up on the goodies off the bottom of the pan. Not only will that add flavor, but much of it is cornstarch that will thicken your sauce.

I served this with the Brown Rice Medley featured below.

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Emily said...

We tried this tonight. I added some grated ginger and red pepper to the sauce. It was delicious on fried rice. Yum! Thanks for sharing.