Monday, May 19, 2008

A few thoughts from an LDS cook about cooking with wine or other alcohol:

(This entry refers to the recipe posted below)

Do you eat yeast raised breads or doughnuts? Do you eat cookies or other goodies made with vanilla extract? If you do, then you should not object to dishes cooked with a bit of wine as long as it has been prepared in such a way that the alcohol is surely cooked out. Since alcohol flees at the mere thought of being heated and in this dish the sherry sauce is boiled for 3 minutes, the alcohol is LONG gone by the time it is served leaving only the delicious flavors and enhancements provided by the other components of the sherry. In fact, some flavors, particularly those in tomatoes, are only alcohol soluble – meaning that they are only unlocked by alcohol. But once unlocked they remain in the sauce even after the alcohol is cooked out. Thus, every Italian nonna (grandma) that you will ever meet will pour a glass of red wine into her spaghetti sauce as it simmers on the back burner all afternoon and feed it to her grandkids with a clean conscience….unlike the young couple we sat next to at a cafĂ© in Rome earlier this month who let their one year old baby boy have repeated tastes of beer when he asked……..not kidding. Buon Appetito!

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Lauren said...

Beer is a soft drink in Europe, especially Russia. :)