Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chicken Curry with Sweet Potatoes

Finally something worth blogging about and a moment to do it! I hesitated before making this recipe for Chicken Curry with Sweet Potatoes because of the coconut milk since I don't like shredded coconut, but my, my am I glad I took the plunge. This was so delicious. I was full, but didn't want to stop eating. There wasn't as much to send with Steve this morning as I had planned. Despite the instructions I used Kroger brand curry powder and I cut the red pepper flakes down to about 1/2 tsp. Don't be afraid of the fish sauce. Yes it stinks and you can't believe anyone would put this in their food, but after it cooks it is an entirely different beast. It comes in small bottles (at a regular grocery store) and is not expensive. Don't be afraid of the lemongrass either. You can get it at any regular grocery store nicely packaged with the spices. Oh and make sure you buy a sweet potato and not a yam. I know - most people think these are the same thing, but they're not. Sweet potoates look like regular potatoes once they're peeled and cut up. Yams are much more orange and have a different texture. They will be properly labeled in the produce department. I served this with steamed rice - brown is healthier and you don't notice the different texture in this dish. Get the rice going before turning to the chicken as brown rice will need the whole time to cook.

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Lisita said...

Sounds fabulous, can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing! :)