Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Holy Tomatillos!

Try this! Try this! Try this recipe for Green Posole with Chicken. Posole is essentially the same thing as hominy. You can buy it in the canned vegetables section of a regular grocery store. Most grocery stores also carry fresh tomatillos these days. These look like green tomatoes that grow (and are sold in their) papery husks, but they are not tomatoes and don't taste tomatoes. They have a magic all their own. Remove the husks and throw the whole tomatillo into the pot.

If you are heat-averse, then discard the jalapeno seeds rather than including them. I have never added the pumpkin seeds, but if you do let me know how you like it. You can also throw in 1/4 cup minute rice at the end or serve it over rice.


Anonymous said...

we should exchange recipes. i have a ton of green chili stuff from Dens family!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous was me, Heather, wonder why i said that??!!